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I’ve been trying to get down to writing a bit on Milli for those who want to know about her. How is she? A trillion times better, I say.

Learning to lick

After all that she has been through, there are times when the trauma flashes back and she is afraid all of a sudden, but amidst this fear she has learnt that she can trust me and mom. Unlike other dogs she is the last to give anyone a lick. But off late she is learning to lick and show appreciation – a sign of security. When she gave me her first kiss to show appreciation for patting her head and back in a way she likes most, I was more than thrilled. Just last night mom was overjoyed with the first time Milli gave her a little lick. These small things about Milli make me so happy, I forget everything else.

Adopting adults is no different from puppies

I have come across a lot of people who want to adopt dogs lately, but they always ask for puppies. The issue here is that puppies seldom get abandoned. It is only when they pass the one-year age line do owners realise their inability to take care of a canine or some heartless ones lose interest in their dogs. According to my years of experience with puppies and adult dogs alike, caring for a puppy and an adult dog is not much of a difference. Note here however, every breed has its genuine characteristics that you may only figure out from someone who has owned a dog of that particular breed for at least five to seven years or more. So if an adult dog needs a home, by all means go and see the dog for yourself. If possible ask for a trial run of a day with the pooch. Sometimes getting home an adult dog is better as it may already be trained and you won’t have to go through the how-did-my-shoe-multiply-into-ten-pieces phase. On the other hand, if the dog is not of any particular breed, you will just have to give yourself time to understand and learn about your doggy.

With Milli, it is very much like having a puppy, although she is around four to five years old (as per a veterinary doctor’s estimate). Having this fur ball is like an absolute joyride. Every day is a new day and highly unpredictable. I come home from office to hear the most surprising yet always cute and funny stories about Milli.

Where did that chicken go?

On Monday, mom planned to make some baked chicken with special stuffing. My sister and I wait for ‘baked chicken’ days with as much enthusiasm as a lost traveller seeing an oasis in a hot desert. So there was the chicken sitting well in the sink with all the spices stuffed well and assimilating with the juicy fresh piece of meat. Mom thought it was well out of the reach of my sweet little puppy. My sister was fast asleep in the bedroom and mom thought it was the best time to go out shopping, while the chicken was marinating. Milli was asleep like a little angel right next to my sister. She had this don’t-worry-the-chicken-is-safe-with-me  look.

Once the door shut, Milli probably started to get bored and went on a little house hunt. My sister suddenly woke up to a crunching sound. Then, her eyes see blood spattered over the floor. This really kicked her out of the bed (lol). There Milli was chewing on some bones from the raw piece of chicken. She was spread on my bed like a queen. The moment my sister screamed in shock Milli realised – Oops I did something wrong! She was disciplined with a slight tap on her nose. So this is when we realised, let the training begin!

A few days of tapping her nose has decreased her confidence in just picking up food from the table. Hopefully her habit will go away!! I am doing a little reading on the subject and as time goes by she will surely learn!!  I came across this and will surely give these tips a try: http://www.dog-obedience-training-review.com/counter-surfing.html

For now it’s cheers from Milli and the family… we will write in soon!!