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Before I begin this, would like to thank Nishika for her opinion and valued comments on this post. You gave me confidence to publish this. Thank you!
I have been blessed with an ability to remember certain things vividly. However, this means remembering some really bitter instances. As I began to remember these, I also realised there were a lot of people I needed to forgive. In the process of placing them before God and the more I thought about each person I had to forgive, I realised that I really had to thank these folks! Along with forgiveness, I had become thankful to the point where the bitterness died and I actually felt burden to pray for these people. So this is me releasing them all and thanking them as the Lord has used all these bad instances that happened to me to turn out into something good. I have received and I am still receiving – true beauty for ashes, which is the inheritance of those who trust in God.
But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day. Genesis 50:20

  1. Thank you the child who purposely made me fall when I was in KG class, I got stronger and now have an ability to stand the highest levels of pain.
  2. Thank you all those who have lied to me, duped me, deceived me and have caused me hurt on the same lines, for I have learnt that lies only hurt and honesty is the best policy. Also, learnt that the truth hurts, but the wounds heal faster. On the other hand, lies only make things more complicated and bear long-lasting consequences. This includes white lies, lies told for my good, etc.
  3. Thank you Miss Shell (although I don’t even know you anymore) for placing the blame on me to save your own face. You made me want to run away and never have to face that school again. I learnt what it meant to be an outcast for that one year. This helped me understand that I must not be quick to judge anyone. Also, made me kinder to all those who were treated as outcasts in school, college and other groups.
  4. Thank you all those who treated me like an alien when all I wanted to do is join the game! I have learnt to treat people of all caste, creed and skin colour equally.
  5. Thank you all the friends who have betrayed my trust, as I have learnt over the years to only lend my trust to a valued few and not take them for granted.
  6. Thank you older boy who tried to steal my precious innocence by duping me. I am sorry I had to hurt you bad to keep you away. You taught me how precious the gift of innocence was even at that small age. It has kept my standards high all through these years. On the same note, thank you adults whom I confided in. I remember you telling me not to tell anyone else and asked me to deal with things on my own. I did deal with it and messed up so badly. But God used the mess to become a message. I can now minister to all the abused girls, women and even boys and men out there! Also, thank you for taking his side because now I realise he needed more help than me. Thanks for treating me like I was mentally ill and delusional, it has made me a better listener and I am more attentive to other people’s cries.
  7. Thank you all you feminine girls who despised me for my tomboyish ways, including collecting worms, climbing tress and soiling my clothes after a fist fight. You were right on some counts. I should’ve appreciated being a woman more. I have learnt that now and picked up some good lady tips. I love being a woman, but not a snooty one!
  8. Thank you all you that have bullied me in the various schools (11 schools) and places I have been. Now, I value justice more and stand up against the hurt of others.
  9. Thank you loved one for doubting that I gave you rotten grapes to eat when I was just 8-years-old, when all I did was taste each one to make sure they were all sweet. I did wish you would’ve trusted me more, but I give better gifts. Thank you for you went away without me being able to say goodbye and tell you how much I cared, for now I do my best to tell people before it is too late.
  10. Thank you all that have taken advantage of me. I value myself much more now and make sure I don’t take advantage of others. Also, was a pleasure being of use to you. Next time, however, please request the thing you need directly without any manipulations.
  11. Thank you all those who have been unjustly hard on me, you only made me do things better. Especially when I was sick, you did make me feel worse, so now that I am better I understand and never underestimate other people’s inabilities. You also made me want to get better faster. Thank you or else would’ve been comfortable in my disease. Thanks you to all those who shunned me and taunted me because I was not the perfect size. I was oversized because of disease and not as a result of overeating. I even almost starved myself to death thanks to constant prodding and taunts. That’s why I value my healing more and am more careful of my health now. So, thank you. Besides that I now can relate with those who are oversized and not be nasty to them. Pray that God would grace you with more compassion and that you would not break someone into doing something tragic.
  12. Thank you relative for wishing I was dead and telling me I was useless when I was 10. I never really thought about being purposeful before that. Only after this, began my quest for finding purpose. God used you to push me into a greater calling.
  13. Thank you all those who have promised and broken them. I have learnt to not make promises I cannot keep and to keep those I have made. Especially in my teens, my first love who said he would never leave me and two months later did not even look my way. You thought me much in life. I value promises and I am careful about the promises I make to others. I also understand what true love really is.
  14. Thank you for all those who broke my heart and left me high and dry. The Lord healed me and made me whole. I know His healing and can share it with others to glorify His name and encourage the broken-hearted.
  15. Thank you for those who abandoned me and my loved ones in the time of our need and especially those who put more burden on us than needed. It only taught me to depend on God more. Also, those who accuse me and put me down because of my situations – Wait and behold! There will be a day my God will come through for me. So, thank you for this opportunity that I may glorify Him.
  16. There is someone I need to thank especially for teaching me to depend on the Heavenly Father more. You used to support us, but suddenly tried to take advantage of our dependence on you. You even asked me to give up the very things I love – Jesus and music. I could never! That’s when I took a stand and realise how blessed I am and that you were not the source, but a channel. You thought we would crumble and die, but the Lord Almighty has always been the true source. You say I have someone big supporting me. Here it is, the Creator of the heavens and the earth! Try beating that! I used to be proud of you and boasted about you. It only turned to shame at the things you did. But made me realise how human you are. Hope you find God and peace and your life gets sorted out. However, not having you in my life has made me compassionate to the fatherless and has thought me total dependence on God. I release you from this long-time hate, which I have had for you and your accomplices. I pray God deals with you all in a strong yet gentle way. I pray for your freedom now more than ever!

I am very thankful for you all and others who I haven’t been able to mention, I refuse to be bitter anymore. I pray that you will know and accept the truth and the truth set you free someday. If you are guilty about what you did, know that you are free from what concerns me. I release you in Jesus’ name. Also, I tell you this – Jesus already paid the price for your sins and can restore all that you destroyed. Come to Him, tarry no longer!