I love this explanation… ” Woman was created to be ‘beside’ man, not beneath or above him. This does not speak to the roles of male and female in the home or church, however, but to equality of status in the kingdom of God. Man is no more “worthy” of salvation, and woman is no less a citizen of God’s kingdom. They stand side-by-side in the eyes of God.”

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Genesis 2:18-24 tells the well-known account of how God created the first woman, Eve, by removing part of Adam’s body and fashioning it into the woman. Many Bible scholars have translated the passages to indicate that God used Adam’s rib to create woman instead of making her from the dirt of the land, as He did for Adam. The question also arises as to why God created woman out of Adam’s rib as He did, when He apparently had formed male and female animals individually.

God used part of the male to form the female to show that they were actually the same created being, two halves of a whole. The female was not created as a separate being, second to the male. She was formed as part of the initial man, in order to be a “helpmate” for the male. Eve was brought into being to strengthen and powerfully…

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