I am tired of how you categorize me.
Of how fond of statistics you may be.
You speak of Jesus and then stigmatize,
Talking of love, hate fills your eyes.
Yes, my father walked out on me,
I have nothing to hide you see,
Was no fault of mine, yet you judge,
Once I tried to make opinions budge.
Can you see with that log in your eye?
Some said, “What good could come from Nazareth?”
Arose a Nazarene to save the world from all threat.
What chance do single-parent kids have, you say?
Here I am to burst your bubble if I may,
No drugs, no addictions, no jail term,
And yet my presence makes you squirm.
Jesus, my Saviour, threw open his arms wide,
My sin washed by His blood, He is by my side.
Who are you to condemn whom He accepts?
He paid the price in love, no regrets.
You have just negated the cross of Calvary,
Doubted the Saviour’s very ability,
To break the old and make all things new.
Can you question Him, known as faithful and true?
Oh you judges, on my behalf He stands trial.
Why do you not see, why such deep denial?
In His image I and you were made, don’t run away,
Repent, before it’s late and see a brand new day,
I am no angel, but sinner as you and all men,
By grace I stand and by grace I am forgiven.