Crimson red times, bloodshot eyes,

Darkness mocks, friends condemn,

Brokenness adds more brokenness,

Truth denied making lies valid,

I know you are not the accuser,

True enemies have no flesh and blood,

They lie in wait for mine,

Write must I cryptic to not shame you,

I hold no grudges, just pity,

An atheist once, I cried alone,

Today, no more a heart of stone,

I have a Protector, a Defender,

One who knows it all, sees it all,

A thousand may believe the lie for now,

But not long, eternity waits,

The truth shall stand, all shall see,

I mean no harm, I battle against hate,

Keeping silence, lest my lips defile me,

Mind wars trying to defeat me,

However, I know that He won,

Jesus already overcame for me,

As I stand, I may look alone,

But with me stands an army,

For I am a daughter of the Most High,

He shall respond, He shall reply,

I wait still and silent just knowing Him,

Trusting Him, He restores my soul,

I feel strong again, waiting,

Rising again as on eagle’s wings,

Strongest in Him in my weakest time,

Preparing for Him, as a bride,

A warrior bride, dress me, equip me,

O my King, I wait for Thee as the Shulamite,

Madly in love, passion raging,

Anticipating, as the world crumbles,

May Your servant accomplish Your Kingdom,

That none should perish, but find the everlasting,

Never again to take Your Word lightly,

Folded hands and bended knee,

With closed eyes I seek Your face,

In peace at the promise of Victory.

Death where is your sting?

Grave where is your victory?

Jesus died and rose again,

Stomping you under His feet and mine,

Stomp, stomp, stomp, hear my war cry!

Love, joy, peace and sound mind are mine,

For you, o enemy waits a place of fire,

To deceive no more, crafty serpent,

Dragon of the old, Babylon is fallen,

They shall cry, no solace, no peace,

Enemy your fate sealed when Jesus cried,

‘It is finished!’ No more to wiggle your fancy tail!