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I hear her cries and feel her shiver,

The news I read makes me quiver,

I was silenced as a young girl,

After which I could not twirl,

Tell none or you shall pay,

Rang the words he did say,

I did not understand what was done,

Older now, I ask was he his mother’s son?


I hear the news not one, not two, but more,

I pray there would not be an added score,

After years of silence, threat and denial,

I stand with all who say send the rapists to trial,

That to hurt a child, a woman, a man or even animal,

They would have to pay, a price higher not dismal.

I still hear the little ones cry from a distance wide,

I would lie if I said I wasn’t stirred or haven’t cried.


Oh Lord of Heaven, hear my cry and heal this land,

Forgive us our sins, the murder, and come reprimand,

Shake the foundations of ancient that stir these acts,

Let Your light shine and truth be known as facts,

That men and women may know their purpose true,

And return to their Maker and truly worship You.

Remind us that we were made in Your image,

That when they rape, it is You they carnage.


Vengeance is Yours, give us justice and peace,

Let in every person’s heart be planted Your decrees,

I submit my nation into Your hands, take Your throne,

And for things You do, I give You glory alone,

We need Your love and light to pour out strongly,

That from every corner Your praise may rise greatly,

Abba, hear this prayer in Jesus name,

Bless You, to You be all worship and fame!