Do not bottle up or hide. It is quite like hypocrisy and akin to lying.

Revelling In the Overflowing Grace of God

Good morning. It is Wednesday, February 5, 2014. Only ten more days until Red Sox pitchers and catchers report. Some of the players are already there, I hear. Truck Day is this Saturday, the 8th. Opening Day is March 31, 54 days away.

Are you ready for some baseball?

Today is National Weatherman’s Day. So should we thank the people that are wrong as much as they are right? In all fairness, the weather reporters have a tough job. Weather, while indeed predictable, is unreliable, at best. And fickle. Weather is fickle. So give it up for the weatherman, who is mostly guessing at his job.

Christi has an interview today with a consulting firm. They have a PM job (that’s “Program Manager”) that is a “contract-to-hire” job that she will be interviewing for. This job would be in Irving, which is not bad. She’s worked in Irving before…

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