Here’s one of my recent poems.

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Why is a question I must ask no more,
Silence my soul and seal shut the door.
You made me see through passion’s ebb and flow,
I was held back, stunted, no more did I grow.
A millstone tied to my soul, weight on my heart,
Has now been lifted, I am no more torn apart.
This freedom, was not won by my own might,
Though I’m in a war, in the midst of a fight,
I wrestle not against flesh and blood nor you,
But that which uses you to do the unfair, the untrue.
Forgive me as I unhand my hand from thee,
This should please your heart and set you free.
Like seasons and time don’t matter to eternity,
Indifference has clouded every pleasant memory.
I hate to say I am but another name in your book,
Grabbed my heart back the one you schemingly took.

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