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Dear all who subscribe, read or have accidentally dropped by my blog,Image

This is me saying sorry. Sorry because I have not kept up my word of publishing at least once a week. I have let weeds grow in this beautiful scribecorner. I know how disappointing it gets when you visit a blog you follow and there is nothing new. And, so I apologise for all the disappointment and plan to write at least a line or two more often. 

I have in a way gone through a season of learning. My gosh have I learnt something! I have prayed some difficult prayers and let go of some things that I held dear to my heart. I let go not because of a promise of something better or bigger. Not because I would get richer and prosperous. Just a simple reason, loving the Lord, more than anything else in my life. I am not all giggly and jumping around full of laughter, nor do I experience an imaginary bloom of roses wherever I go. Mirth seems quite far from me. I have been broken and have struggled. At times, I am speechless, dazed and forget things I normally would not, and then I go through times of trying to forget the painful things that have happened. I find myself retreating into a shell, as I know no one in this world could really take a broken heart. People find it hard to deal with brokenness and so I follow the line: when you have nothing pleasing to say, do not say a thing! I am coming out of that phase, only to realise that I need to reach out to others, who are broken and grieving. He comforts me to be a comfort to them. I thank Him for giving me wisdom and understanding to reach out to those who are hurting. To cry with them, to be there for them, even if I have no words.

However, here I am to break my unproductive thoughts and feelings, I am writing through Christ, my comfort and hope. My salvation. My Lord, my Light, my Source, my Inspiration, my Healer, my Provider, my Protector, my Avenger, my Lover, my All-in-all, not just my first but my everything and so much more. Every time I am cast down and the floodgates open a steady stream of tears down my cheeks, I sense His love and powerful embrace. It has been extremely difficult for me to get down to writing this, but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I am back, back with purpose, with God’s Word in my hand, heart and mind, to trample down the works of the enemy! Truth has prevailed, Jesus has triumphed, death has been defeated and the grave has been denied. Jesus is alive, and I have abundant life through Him. Through His resurrection power that dwells in me, I stand, I write, I speak, I live, I do, I move and have my being! Be strong and of good cheer, for His promises are Yes and Amen. He never lies. No matter how bad it is, He will turn it out to work for your good, if you love and trust Him. I testify to that, for He has begun something good in me. For He is my comfort. Although the nights are long and frightful, He is close. I picture myself, the Heavenly Father’s daughter, resting my head on my Abba’s lap, while He sings me to sleep. Be comforted all you saints of God, for your redemption is near and glorious is your future full of hope and promise. Thank you Lord for this day and the strength and words to write. 

Love to all who read this,