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My thoughts on forgiveness, with a little help from my best friends at church (you know who you are – that wonderful pair the Lord has put in my life)

Revenge surely never won anyone anything! I do not think one should go after all those who wronged them. Having said that, although I am totally for forgiving, I do not think forgetting helped anyone. That would be lying to yourself and denial. Jesus is truth and all about truth. He did forgive the people who crucified Him, but hey guess whom He appeared to? Not the crucifiers, only His disciples and friends. Be nice, yet wise. Oh n don’t forget your Bible says – Therefore, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matt 10:16b)… Stop condemning yourself for not being able to forget what someone has done to you and begin to live in freedom knowing that you are loved and the God who loves you got your back. He said – Vengeance is mine. He will deal with those who wronged you. Be set free from the heaviness of unforgiveness. Either the Lord will make them better people or teach them a lesson. Whatever the case be, that’s none of your business! You are no better than anyone else on earth! Remember that you were saved too, you didn’t deserve it, but JESUS DIED FOR YOU!

PS: This was one of the notes I wrote for myself, and thought I might share it, because someone out there might need this. Been struggling with this for a few years. The Lord has thought me about forgiveness and not forgetfulness in the past few months. It has been one awesome season of brokenness and learning. Praise Him!