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God has a plan

On occasion of me making it to the landmark 30th year of my life. Three decades gone by, truly thanks to the Lord’s wonderful grace. I am not sad about being older. Truly I am not. Some people I know have not even made it to 30. Some of my near and dear ones have not lived to see 2014. I love and miss them today. I thanked God for sending such wonderful people into my life. Yes they may be no more a part of my life but at least once in my life and for a certain span of time I came across them. I thought I would list out all the wonderful things that ever happened in my life and the great lessons I have learnt. So here goes:
> The first and one of the best gifts I ever got in my life was and is the best mom in the world. She is the first person I ever met and is my first and bestest friend in the whole wide world. Thank you God for her. I know with long life and joy you will satisfy her and show her your salvation.
> I had the best grandparents in the world. They mostly never agreed with my parents but they never ceased to love me silly. They even spoilt me and kept my naughty secrets. I truly miss having them in my life.
> I learnt at a very young age on how to adapt to new environments and to make friends easily with any and every one thanks to my almost nomad-like life in my childhood and early teens.
> I learnt that every culture and country has its pros and cons, and that I had to make do with the pros and work through the cons.
> Holding on to cultural biases and having a stereotypical view of a particular clan or sect of people always closes your mind; you may even lose an opportunity to have a really great friend. Plus, Jesus has commanded us to love people, especially the ones that are hard to love (including cannibals).
> Some friendships are not meant to last till death do you part. People grow bored, fight, have differences, and there may be a time to move on. Then there are those friends that never let go and you never let go off. Hold on to those gems! I am blessed with more than one such gem. Thank You Jesus. Bless them!
> I lost to death and accidents (some even mistakes and misunderstandings) really great friends. I learnt that you must not let one day go by without the people you love knowing that you love them. You may not get a second chance. Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Unsaid words and broken promises can kill a person.
> Working at having the least number of enemies and maintaining peace with as many as you can is the best way to go. It is better to lose an argument than to lose a person.
> People add more value to your life than money. They also can destroy your life worse than the lack of money. So be wise and careful at people management.
> I prayed with all my heart and with persistence as an innocent child for a sister I could play Barbie with. I got exactly what I wanted–a sister. Even though the doctors said it would be a boy… I knew God answered my prayer, before I even knew there actually was God.
> When I was an anti-religionist, almost atheist who sort of believed in some super power, even then the Lord Jesus healed me of Asthma at the age of 14. It never came back! All glory to Him. Jesus heals everyone and anyone. Even you that do not know Him. There is no disease above Him.
> The best thing that ever happened to me and answered most of the doubts in my mind, healed my broken soul, took me out of the kingdom of darkness, opened my spiritually blind eyes to see I was on the road to the worst hell of an abyss, showed me true love and made me whole with a purpose of living was finding Jesus Christ. He just swooped in and enveloped me with love one fine day in 2001 (Nov or Dec).
> I know this for fact that Jesus is the only Truth, the Way and the Life.
> I have also learnt to let go of things that I want or think I need, surrendering fully to God and resting on Him to work out His will for my life. I know I won’t ever regret it.
> No matter how hard it has been, the Lord always came through for me. Especially in the times when I thought it was the end of the road, He made a new way.
> Those who trust in the Lord Jesus will never be put to shame, they are ever radiant. They lack no good thing and their children never beg for bread.
> I may not be someone great or be the daughter of someone famous, just as Joshua was the son of Nun, I am capable of doing great and valiant things for the Lord.
> My status and promotion doesn’t come from my job or from any person, it comes from the Lord.
> People run after medals, merits and certificates, in the end all that matters is the people who remember you and what they remember you for. Work hard at leaving a legacy behind for your children and the people around you.
> The whole world will forsake you, but the Lord will never forsake you.
> Even though with your eyes you see hurricanes, storms, tornadoes and disasters, remember the Lord is still King over the storm and is in control. Trust Him no matter what it looks like, walk by faith and not by sight.
> If you do not let go of certain people who may be polluting your life or create much white noise and clutter in your life, you are only hindering yourself from being able to have the best life the Lord wants you to lead. Be sensitive to God and let Him take away those relationships that are not meant for you.

I do not know what God has ahead for me. I only have a few hints that He has given me. I look forward to my future in Him and I urge everyone to look forward to what  for He has promised:

Jer 29-11 beachLastly, Jesus has come to give us life and life in abundance or Zoey like it is in Hebrew, a zestful life… So look forward leaving behind the weight of the past. Happy 30th to me in advance and I know that I will experience the goodness of God in the land of the living. LIVE LIFE FOLKS!