I miss you.

You were a part of me since I could remember.

A bond beyond any other.

We were a team.

Tears stream down gently, but my cries are silent.

Everyone expects grief from me.

But I can’t grieve.

Because I know you are better off.

I saw your agony, the pain, the torture.

Your eyes like a little lamb.

Sign the DNR,

My hands could never get near that piece of paper.

Doctor fight hard.

She has to come back.

She always won through Jesus, I thought

With long life, He said.

There the organs failed.

I still believed.

Prayed, cried… He heard.

But her cries were far louder than mine.

He heard her.

She has had enough.

Time to have this precious one in my arms.

Where no enemy can touch her.

No one can harm or betray her.

Come my innocent lamb, come home.

He called her.

She heard me cry.

She wondered which way to go.

She had many promises to keep,

Miles to go before the great sleep.

But had no strength to walk anymore.

So the Lord opened a new door.

Gave her wings like an angel to fly.

I’ll take care of my sheep, He told her.

Come to me my love… She went.

Leaving me here, to wonder.

Does she remember me?

Will she be waiting?

Or too busy in awe of heaven’s splendor

I hope it’s the latter.

She worried too much.

It was time for her to rest.

I take comfort that she is wholesome now.

People see me.

They look for signs.

No sign of grief? How can she smile.

I still smile wider.

Cos I realize a victory was won.

She lives eternally.

Indeed God’s promise true.

Death where is your sting?

Grave where is your victory?

She’s out of your reach!

Yay! I smile with tears filling my heart.