Just my thoughts and prayer for today!

There is no such thing as positive and negative thinking there is only true or false thinking. Beware of Satan’s lies to believe that you have power within yourself to create positive outcomes. Stay away from people who say they stay away from negativity. Staying away or brushing things under the carpet is akin to living a lie.

You do not have the power to create. Your words do not have the power to create. Only the Lord Almighty could say, “Let there be.” And there was.

You are not a mini god. You are to crucify your ‘self’ and worship Jesus as your only Lord. You cannot do one thing in your life without Him. He is to be your all in all.. Your Alpha and Omega. Your end all and be all of life. Any one preaching any self image and positive teachings to you are giving you another gospel, another Jesus and another spirit. Dust them off…

Faith in the Lord (and not in visualizing how things should be or in your self) is true faith. Any other faith, rather than faith in the Lord is sorcery.

Awake you sleepers and stop letting entertainers and professional performers and speakers tickle your ears . Listen to the hard truth. Follow the hard truth even if you stick out like a sore thumb. I rather be a sore thumb than Jesus tell me, “I knew you not.”

You are not here to make your riches or be found in any hall of fame. You are here to be a light to the World not your own light but a reflection of Jesus’ light, an ambassador and not a king, a servant and not with title, not to have ministries in your name but to make the name of Jesus shine.

Shine Jesus shine. You alone be glorified my Lord. Forgive me and your followers today for getting wrapped up in the sweet deceit and false doctrines of the world. Help us rise up and be on our knees interceding and preparing for Your coming, not by the cares of this life. Help us to lose our’selves’ and magnify You. Oh King of Kings and Lord of Lords, help us become more and more worthy to come before you. Keep us in You that we may not be lost in the world. We are your sheep keep us oh our ultimate and sovereign Shepherd! Help us spread Your message and have Your cause ever before us. Lord you are our God and let there be no idols in our life. I pray for revelation, the lack of which is causing your people to be lost. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen!